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Common Dental Procedures To Consider Undergoing

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There are a number of treatments that your dentist can provide that may be able to improve the appearance and functionality of your smile. While cosmetic dental procedures are fairly common for people to undergo, there are some patients that may fail to actively consider this option. For these patients, it can be useful to review some of the more routinely performed cosmetic dental procedures.

Eliminate Gaps

Gaps between the teeth can be a problem that is particularly problematic and embarrassing. However, there are several options for treating this particular problem. For example, braces can be a highly effective way of closing these gaps. For some patients, these orthodontic treatments may not be sufficient for addressing their problem. This is often the case for patients that have teeth that are not the correct shape. When this issue is present, they may need to utilize veneers or other procedures to close the gaps that are created by these problems.

Stain Removal

Dental staining is another problem that patients will often find themselves needing to address. When a person is suffering from these stains, they will need to undergo a whitening procedure to lift these stains out of their enamel. There are home-based whitening kits that you can use for this treatment, but it is often more effective to use the services of a dentist. These professionals have access to whitening chemicals and solutions that are unavailable over the counter. This can be particularly useful for individuals that have extremely severe or deep stains as it may take the stronger whitening solutions to lift out these stains.

Tooth Reshaping

You may have one or more teeth that are not the correct shape. This is often the result of trauma, but it can also stem from developmental issues with the tooth. Regardless of the reason for the tooth being misshapen, it can be a very noticeable problem to have when these teeth are located towards the front of the mouth. By undergoing tooth reshaping, you can correct this common cosmetic issue by having the dentist administer a series of layers of composite resin that will allow them to gradually restore the shape of the tooth. While this is often the preferred option for addressing this type of problem, there are some instances where the teeth may simply be too misshapen for this procedure to be effective or practical. Luckily, these patients may still be able to have this problem corrected by having these teeth capped. The capping procedure will have a device that is similar to a crown placed over the tooth so that its shape and appearance can be corrected.