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Addressing Questions About A Couple Of Common Dental Issues

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Dental issues can come in a variety of different types, and it can be difficult for individuals to be informed about the various threats that their mouth might encounter. To help you be better informed when it concerns your dental health, you may want to consider the answers to the following couple of questions about common dental issues.

What Can Cause Chronic Bad Breath?

For most people, brushing their teeth and using mouthwash will be sufficient for preventing bad breath. However, there are some individuals that may find this problem returns shortly after they clean their mouth. Unfortunately, this can be a nuisance, and it may also be a symptom of a potentially serious threat to your dental health.

Often, chronic bad breath can be a sign of serious gum disease, cavities, abscesses or a number of other issues. For this reason, you should visit your dentist when you notice that you are suffering from this problem. In addition to making your breath more pleasant, quick treatment may be able to limit the damage done to your mouth by the underlying cause. When this problem is being caused by a rapid buildup of bacteria in the mouth, your dentist may be able to provide you with a specially formulated mouthwash that will help to slow the growth of bad breath causing bacteria.

Is Chronic Dry Mouth A Threat To Your Teeth?

Dry mouth can be an unpleasant problem to have, but you may not realize that it can pose a serious threat to your teeth. The saliva in your mouth helps to neutralize the growth of harmful bacteria, and it helps to wash away sugar, tartars and other harmful substances from your teeth. When you have dry mouth, your teeth may not be adequately protected. This can result in bacteria rapidly growing on your teeth, and this may make you experience bad breath or a higher risk of developing cavities.

Luckily, it can be fairly easy to stimulate saliva production. Individuals that are suffering from mild dry mouth may be able to correct this problem by opting to chew a sugar-free gum. These gums can help to start saliva production without exposing your teeth to damaging sugars. Those with severe dry mouth may be able to find relief through prescription medicines or special mouthwashes that can stimulate the saliva glands. However, only your dentist will be able to determine whether the problem is severe enough for this type of intensive treatment. For more information, contact companies like Preferred Family Dental.