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Four Tips To Maintaining Those Pearly Whites On Vacation

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Going on vacation often means a change in your daily routine. Where you once brushed your teeth the recommended twice a day and flossed daily, on vacation you may not have the opportunity to do that. Being away from your home and out of your normal routine can make it hard to focus on your teeth like you should. Getting out of the habit can harm your teeth and gums. You definitely do not want to come back from vacation with unhealthy teeth and gums. In an effort to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid the dentist, even while on vacation, here are some tips to consider. 

Carry Extra Toothbrushes

It is always important to carry a spare toothbrush with you when you are traveling. You never know when you could end up losing your toothbrush and it be hard to get another one. Additionally, if you plan on flying while on vacation, it is a good idea to have one toothbrush in your carry on bag and another in your checked-in luggage. This will help ensure that you have a toothbrush even if you and your luggage get separated. Typically, you can get a toothbrush from your hotel concierge, but it may be firmer than what you need. 

Keep it Ventilated

Your toothbrush may be sitting for a while in the holder. If there are no holes in the toothbrush case, moisture can get trapped in it. Excess moisture is ideal for bacteria growth. When you go to brush your teeth and the toothbrush has bacteria on it, you could end up sick. Make sure your toothbrush is exposed to some air so it is able to dry out and not remain wet for hours. 

Chew Some Gum

While traveling, you may find yourself going much longer between brushing. To help keep your mouth healthy even when you cannot brush, chewing sugarless gum can help. This is because it helps you salivate and rinse your mouth from bacteria that is forming. Sugarless mints can also be good for your teeth in between brushing. 

Watch the Water

If you are traveling to a place with unsafe water, you do not want to use it for brushing your teeth. Many countries do not have fluoride in their water system like the United States does. Traveling abroad can make it difficult to know if the water is safe or not. Instead of chancing it, it is a good idea to use bottled water to rinse out your mouth while you are brushing and flossing.