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Worried About Braces? Even These Celebrities Had Them!

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Braces can cause anxiety for many people. Their appearance in their main concern. Can you really still look fabulous wearing metal in your mouth? Braces didn't stop these celebrities from looking great, so go out there and rock your new mouth accessory - and remember it's only temporary!

Famous Metal Mouths

The Grammy Awards in 2003 sported Faith Hill with shiny tools; the 2003 Writers Guild Awards had Nicolas Cage with lower braces, and Tom Cruise showed up on the red carpet in 2002 with regular wire and invisible brackets. Do you feel embarrassed about your age and the fact that you need braces? Don't worry, one out of five orthodontic patients is an adult. There are many options that fit adult needs in both looks and frequency of necessary follow-up appointments.

Coping Tools

Be confident about yourself and your smile. Pretend the braces don't exist or fully accept them, otherwise you may find yourself engulfed in self-pity and low self-esteem. Practice smiling in the mirror and accepting that your smile is still beautiful. Practice pronouncing certain words you feel sound funny with braces now in your mouth. Network with other adults with braces that can give you tips for adjusting to them in the first year. Adults who have already had braces installed can tell you some of what you can expect from the procedure as well.

The Procedure

Sometimes knowing what is coming helps reduce anxiety of the unknown. First, you will get a set of x-rays of your teeth, and the orthodontist will use a metal stick with a hook and remove any spacers or separators. A metal circle will be placed on your molar for you to bite, so the appropriate size is found. The brackets will be placed with a cement type substance. The wires are then placed. After the braces are on, you will be shown how to care for them. A big topic of conversation is foods that you should avoid.

Foods to Avoid

Hot or cold foods may not be a good choice. The metal conducts heat and may cause an uncomfortable situation. Biting something cold like ice cream could make the already sensitive teeth hurt.

Carefully choose your food and cut it into smaller bites. Taking a bite off that apple may cause more trouble that it could be worth. Pizza could also amplify prove troublesome. 

If your dentist (such as one from Fayetteville Family Dentistry) said you need braces, listen. Braces to help straighten and correct teeth can prevent many other dental problems including plaque buildup, gingivitis, and loss of teeth. With today's technology, braces can be made from clear ceramics, possibly with removable trays. Embrace your braces while you start your countdown to straighter teeth. They will be removed before you know it.